The Media Jungle

This weeks song was an epic creation.  More so than any of the others, We used the green screen in my garage studio and pretty much decided it was all going to be single takes. Only one chance to get each shot right  There ended up being 14 shots.  As usual, the song was written this morning around 9 am.  Audio recording from 10 until 4, camera from 5 until 8 and then editing from 8 until 3.  Outputting the video and uploading to YouTube takes about an hour and it is in that time that I finalize the blog and hope that nothing goes wrong, like titles getting misspelled, because at hour 16, fatigue starts to get to you and you stop seeing everything.

I just felt that I needed to tell you that.  I don’t get to sleep until 5 am on production day, so the whole thing takes about 20 hours. And so, with out further delay, i present this week’s musical news recap titled “Media Jungle”.  Brian got a haircut for this video and, of course, I fed him a sandwich for his incredible bass playing skills.

There are 6 songs in this playlist now…listen to them all!

OK., I’m going to say it, it has to be said

The Dumpster, whether intentionally or not,  stumbled upon the perfect formula for the perfect reality TV show. By seizing the White House and the presidency of the United States, he has managed to put himself in the next logical place for anybody who pursues a career in the entertainment industry.

What better place to launch your next show then from the White House of the government of the United States?

Since his arrival, Artists all over the world have answered to the call. He has made it so inexorably impossible to deny the creation of the messages that must be sent to counter his reckless acts.  Every day provides new inspiration, comics can’t help but feel a misplaced gratitude for the audaciousness of this period in history.  There is a lot of shitty stuff going on.  For me, the only way to deal with it is through comedy.  It’s kind of like therapy.

Saturday Night Live has a bigger viewership than ever before. The blogosphere has erupted in a frenzy of activity, satirizing, analyzing, commenting, condemning or commending his very actions. Musicians, Cartoonists, Animators, Film Makers and creators of every sort have all taken to speaking their minds through their art. Even the Republicans have joined the show by claiming to be offended by The Duminator’s actions.  We all know it’s a set up for the next President to replace him, Vice President ProPensity.  It is every writer’s dream.  A story that writes itself.

I am certain that many artists ask themselves, “How can I create a show that dominates the world stage?”

“I want the top players in my show, people at the top of their game. People who other people respect and want to listen to or hate with every ounce of their being.”

The Biggest Show on Earth

Princess Dumpolina has, whether we want to believe it or not, activated the artistic integrity of every artist on the planet.  Maybe, just maybe, he’s not as stupid as we think. Perhaps this was his plan all along?  Of course, none of us would ever want to admit that. Is his crass, seemingl uneducted exterior merely a cover?

It is here where I disappear into the ether as a puff of smoke. But not before saying this.

I’m a writer  and creator and am always looking for my next big break. I want to believe that the collection of stories and projects that I have accumulated will help me to realize that end. Of course I don’t have the money that old Dumpy has to buy the advertising. But if I did, would I not try to attempt the same thing, just for the sheer audacity of it?

What a cool thing to talk about with your friends at the bar while you knock back beers and say “Yep I opened my biggest show from the White House to a global audience”. I don’t really know how much bigger you can get in the entertainment industry.

But the question will always remain, is this how we are now going to govern?

God, I hope not. Entertainment is not and never will be a guide to good governance. Well… maybe it is… in a dystopian novel about the de-evolution of humanity.  If it really has to be this way, can we at least have Jon Stewart as President?

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