Losing my Patience

This week, to take the pressure off, I will start with a song.

Like many of you, I have been reading too much news lately and decided the best way to channel all the exasperation was to write it into a song. It spilled out of me this morning, so I decided to record it and put it here with my blog. It’s a one day video from start to finish. It is my hope to keep it up and report other news too. This week, though, was dominated by the Orange one and his onslaught of change and carnage. There were the women’s marches around the globe, a few cat gifs, nostalgia and some random slapstick. I managed to get myself into a few sticky situations with some of my posts, but i was properly schooled and have remedied things where I can. I’m just a guy, but my mind can be changed if you got enough substantiated facts.

Wow, it’s only been one week since The Dumpster became America’s new president. In the space of seven days, The Dumpinator signed numerous executive orders, including; pushing thru the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, defunding the Endowment for the Arts and the Endowment for The Humanities, and, perhaps his most demented and destructive act, issuing a “gag order” against any and all international organizations that receive funding from the American government for sex education and birth control should they mention the word abortion.

Yeah, punish those countries by allowing their birth rate to soar and plunge millions into poverty. Good plan…not.

He has decided to enter into a trade war with Australia and I’m sure there will be many more trade wars on his agenda.

To top it off he expressed a desire to withdraw from the United Nations, the very organization that has kept us  as a planet away from each others throats for over 70 years.

There have been federal arrests of media personnel covering the unrest surrounding the inauguration to send a message to the press; Princess Dumpolina is not to be trifled with.

There is a strategy afoot, being put in play by his Press Secretary, to provide as much disinformation as possible so that the American public, and the rest of the global population, become so confused and overwhelmed by the volume of misinformation, that they become exhausted and just decide to withdraw from the political arena altogether to go huddle together under a blanket with a flashlight.

And, of course, he is redirecting federal funds to begin building his wall.  No surprise there. Of course it will have to be a 30,000 foot wall, border to border, coast to coast, to stop all of the legal visitors to America that may overstay their visas.  Which apparently he did yesterday, in one day, by knocking back visa and green card holders who arrive in the USA by air.

Oh yeah, and he turned off the Spanish part of the White House website which Alienates 13% of the population that speaks Spanish and 50% of the population that find their roots in Latin American countries

Ok.  A bunch of dark, fact checked news, in a quick, superficial recap. Not very funny, but I’m working on that.

Despite all this, for some reason, I can not bring myself to become depressed about it. If anything, it has activated my spirit and set in motion my will to overcome.   I want my family to grow up in an environment where decency is the order of the day.

Human beings, and artists in particular, are at their best when faced with obstacles that confront the human condition.  The recent sequence of unfortunate events will transform us and, as a group, working through social circles, we shall move forward to be the change we want to see. We shall exist outside government, because it would appear that government is no longer in the best interests of the people. The people it was created to serve.

We have entered another renaissance and, with it, a chance to move forward to think and live outside of the paradigm we are being presented by the mainstream media. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the press is not our friend. While it is important to support the press and maintain freedom of speech we must also understand that they too have been guilty of disseminating disinformation to service other agendas that are equally distasteful to our current circumstances.

I think it can be said that if you know and understand your adversary’s strategy, it is possible to formulate and implement a counterstrategy.  I think it is safe to say that most people of reasonable intellect believe unity is the glue that holds our world together.  I also believe that the majority of the worlds population want peace and stability.

The men in The Dumpaholic’s cabinet are from an era which is experiencing it’s last death pangs. Men who still remember, or have connections with people who remember, the Second World War and the industrialization that followed. They are the leftovers of a dying 20th century psychology where “to the victor go the spoils”.

When these men have shuffled off this mortal coil, there will be a new generation of leaders. Who those leaders are and where they come from begins today.

But that’s enough of that.  It’s time to wrap this up.

Two days ago, I posted a video of a comedy routine by Steve Hughes. It showed up in my feed.  I know his name from comedy circles, so I watched, laughed and shared.  Some people started to discuss Hughes point of view, pro and con.   After a day or so, a friend then told me that the meme I had shared had been posted by a known White Supremacist who had recently been banned by Twitter.  Several excellent conversations had started on the thread, attached to the meme, that dealt with political correctness. In my haste, I deleted the post, not wanting to echo his name and give his cause a voice.  But I lost the conversations and some great points were made.  Lesson learned?  Always check to see who posted what your reposting.

Oh, yeah, and Facebook reminded me that I did this ad 16 years ago.
See you next week!

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