Paying to get a job so you can pay off the debt of getting the job.

I saw an article in the Globe and Mail today.

Mulcair poised for clear shot at becoming prime minister as NDP surges in polls

In the article it states, “the NDP Leader will pitch himself Thursday as a salesman-in-chief, willing to travel overseas to personally nail down major contracts that promote jobs in manufacturing.”

Now that property is up and wages are down, the NDP can use this leverage to create jobs in a global market place where labour is willing to compete using the lowest cost for service.

I call it the WLCD equation and I think it may look something like;


W minus L, the sum of which is divided by C, which equals D.

…wherein W is wages, L is rent, C is the cost of living and D is the debt accrued in order to stay alive.

Essentially, the more a person is willing to pay to have a job, the more likely that they will get a job. This is the leverage that a working class person has.
I know people who spend 75% of their earnings on rent or mortgage. The remaining 25% of their wages is applied to the other standard non luxury stuff, which actually costs more than they earn. No boats, holidays or new shoes. No lattes, or frivolous Sunday sandwiches. No American Netflix, pirated via VPN.
My current job leaves me 30% short every month. Even if I work 16 hours a day, I need a loan to pay for health, transport, power, and my daughters future. We live in the lowest priced 1 bedroom apartment in our city. It happens to be central, and on top of a hill, so hooray for us!

Working harder means getting sick more and sick days mean less money, so working while sick is the result.

Working while sick means generating a risk of spreading infection and making others sick. The current government embarks on a war against terror, telling it is protecting us. But by dismantling national health care, the government defies it words. It is not interested in really protecting us. Consider this;

When a country has 1 billion workers, the labour pool is expendable, when you have a work force of 30 million it is not.

So the NDP need to address the long term effects of sub standard wages in a property driven marketplace that will, most definitely, result in a lower, non competitive form of mental and physical health.

Happy workers produce better products and are more likely to innovate and increase productivity when their lives have value. When lives don’t have value and people are pushed to their breaking point, they get angry, behave irrationally and do something that immediately classifies them as a terrorist.

And then the police state restores order, and private prisons get more slave labour. And everybody works on computers because that is the best place to keep an eye on you and make sure you aren’t complaining.

Something a major cola company calls “Open Happiness”.

Repeal bill C51, #‎rejectfear
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