Welcome to Grumpy Week


Sometimes there’s no way around it.  Stuff goes on around me that just winds me up and I can’t help but get all “talk to the hand” about it, no matter how Zen I want to believe that I am.  I’ve had enough of certain holier than thou attitudes, of being lied to for sport, of people who want something for nothing, of being treated like crap by sociopaths and computer companies, of having to the endure the flawed policies of simpletons and dumb ass government leaders who think they know what they are doing, of not being paid enough for the brilliant work that I do and of having to live in the 21st century.

Apple Computers

I needed to update my video editing software so I checked into  Apple Final Cut Pro X.  Before I could use it I had to upgrade my operating system which took hours and then, when the update was done, many aspects of my computer had changed and I was not happy about that.  I also lost the ability to use two applications that I have used all of my life.  I need those applications, I like those applications and I don’t want to spend any more money updating those applications.  My week started out slower than ever as I tried to navigate a mouse wheel that now operated backwards to what I have know to be natural.

When I finally opened up FCP X, I was greeted with an application that looks as though it was designed for pre schoolers.  I can’t stand it, it looks in no way like an editing program that would ever be used by a professional.  The so called improvements that Apple has made to the video editing landscape make me want to stick my fingers down my throat.  The “magnetic timeline” and the “skimmer” feature are perhaps the most irritating features I have ever come across in my life.  There are dozens of other thing that add to my grumpiness but I refuse to let Apple force me to dedicate the use of more letters to what is a pathetic attempt at evolution.

If my computer was an Apple developer, I would slap him.  I have never believed in violence as a way to get anything, but Apple has just managed to make me crazy enough to consider it.

There are other editing softwares out there, but after decades of spending, I don’t have any desire to spend any more money on computing and the fact that computer and software manufacturers are forcing the consumer to do that is infuriating.  I have spent enough money on computers and computing in my lifetime.  What makes me so grumpy is that computer companies and Apple in particular think that they are the star in my life.  I want to remind Apple computer, software developers and computer manufacturers of all kinds that a computer is a tool that is designed to make ME the star in my life.  I don’t have time to waste trying out new features that YOU think will help me out.  I don’t want you to help me out.  I want to do it myself.  That’s what makes ME the star in this equation, the fact that I use my computer to do great things.  A computer is just a tool, okay!? All that you do when you force me to upgrade is force me to spend countless valuable hours re-learning things I already know how to do.  Stop it…please!

The HoverBoard

Man, this century is, so far, a huge disappointment. No star trek styled food replicators or transporters, no affordable interstellar transportation or planetary destinations, no global peace and international understanding.  According to the movie “Back to the Future”, next year, in 2015, we were supposed to be riding hover boards and driving flying cars.  Last week we got this:


Turns out it was just a hoax, a big disappointing hoax.  I mean…why?  Why go to such lengths and expense to create a hoax?    They would have done better to invest their money in some comedy writing lessons, or , better still, to have given it to charity that was developing Hover technology.  The only thing they seem to have left out of their comedy routine was the part that was supposed to make it funny.  Apparently it was created by Funny or Die in association with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, so I guess, in this instance, they died. I imagine that Tony Hawk is getting old and needed to generate some publicity to keep selling skate boards.


Did I mention that this is grumpy week?

The Ukraine

For anybody that was living under a rock, Russia has been messing around with the Ukraine again.  The Vladimir Putin Effect is doing its best to march the world straight back into the cold war era probably because Putin is getting old and needs to relive his glory days as the head asshole of a country run by thugs, bullies and homophobes.  The 80’s were his time and he wants desperately to bring the world back to that era.  I mean, really, who marches soldiers into a country in uniforms with no insignia and then announces that the annexation of a piece of a sovereign country is not negotiable.  Russia, that’s who.



Putin says that The Ukraine’s russian speakers can’t be ignored, but the way I see it, those russian speakers are living in the Ukraine, so if they aren’t willing to be good Ukrainians and learn Ukrainian maybe the should move across the border to Russia where they won’t have so much of a problem speaking their own language.   The Ukrainians have suffered enough indignation in the past century at the hands of bullies.

But of course, A country shouldn’t always be judged by its leaders.  Russians do this too:


Fuel Prices

Of course, as soon as the Ukraine started having problems, the price of fuel went up where I live from $1.26 to $1.46 a litre.


The excuse that oil companies put forward was that events in the Ukraine could disrupt distribution.  I don’t know about anyone else, but when you look at a map, The Ukraine is not geographically situated well enough to have a bearing on any kind of transportation equation that relates to Canada getting its petroleum.  The last time I looked Alberta was right next to BC, where I live, so we Canadian’s should be getting the best fuel prices in the world seeing as how we live on top of the stuff. But hey, I guess the petroleum industry is just getting old and trying to jack up profits any way it can before the renewable energy revolution arrives and they all end up out of jobs.

We are told by our government that substance abuse and addiction are bad and yet the example they set by continuing to suckle from the petroleum teat for transportation is appalling and disappointing.

I really am over being dictated to by petroleum junkies and people who feel the need to only listen to 70’s/80’s classic rock radio stations and reminisce about the cold war.  I know that the 80’s was when Canada’s oil boom really took off, but do these people really have to continue listening to the music from that era to justify their existence?  It would seem that the Reaganomics  generation simply will not let progress and evolution get a foot hold and are bound and determined to force all of us to live with the outmoded values of the past.

Boy oh boy, I really am grumpy this week.

The Decline of The Canadian Standard

And while I am talking about setting a bad example, what gives with Stephen Harper and his conservative thugs?  Besides all of the secret legislative moves he makes to suppress voters rights and shift Canada towards totalitarian rule, he continues to do so after it has been made public that his government stole the last election.  His response to the revelation?  To attack Elections Canada and remove their ability to provide for fair and legal elections completely.


Add to this the fact that he and his associates finds it necessary to produce and broadcast American style attack ads targeting their opposition makes, them, in my opinion, the number one worst example for our children and an enemy of the state (errm).  What a paradox that the state can become an enemy of the state.  Is this really what we want to teach our kids, that being a bully and an ass hole is okay.  Canadians used to be better than that and I for one only see Harper as a nasty virus that is infecting this nation with his counter-productive and hate filled behaviors.  We used to have laws regarding such things but since he took power all that has ben washed away.

When Harper said “You won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it” back in 2006, did the citizens of this country realize that what he meant was  promoting war, maximizing oil profits, creating a corporate oligarchy, muzzling any real or potential critics and teaching kids to be bullies and assholes?

If I seem grumpy, it is because, this week, I am.  Inside the great scheme of things, something I call “The Yin and Yang of It All”, everything I talk about here today is the result of extremists sticking their elbows into the rest of us.  I suppose you can just sit back and take it or you can be proactive.

The next time some self righteous prick tries to cut me off in traffic, I will stop my car in front of them, calmly get out and tell them in a firm but incredibly happy way, that I simply am not going to put up with it any more.

I’m not sure what I would do next, but if it is only to make them miss the light and slow them down for a minute, it will be incredibly satisfying.  I also know it won’t actually change  thing and that I am probably just getting old, which is why I am so grumpy this week.

God, am I ever grumpy.

The Yin and Yang of It All (Part 2)


I have always tried to maintain a balanced position.  I don’t see myself as an extremist.  That said, I understand that life must have its ups and downs in order for things to stay interesting, I just don’t think that I need to be the one implementing those ups and downs.  Life and nature have this way of presenting hardship and obstacles without any added assistance from me.  I like to remain reasonably calm and only have a tendency to get worked up when someone or something else does something to me to  upend that inner peace.

Humanity has, for as long as I can remember, always been antagonistic towards itself.  Many say that this is the way of the world, that there will always be “good” people and “bad” people.  However the concept of good and bad is always in the eye of the beholder.  We need look no further than any war or conflict to see two sides, both of whom think THEY are the good ones.

When I was in my early 20’s I read about the Holocaust and the killing of over 6 million Jews by the Germans.  I also read about other historical atrocities and believed, naively so, that, since these events had happened, these sorts of behaviors were past tense, ancient artifacts of  growing civilization.  Growing pains.  It didn’t seem possible or even intelligent that a modern population could consider behaving in such an archaic and primitive manner.  We’ve put people on the moon for fuck’s sake, why would we continue to annihilate each other.

Oh yeah, the military industrial complex.  Money, Greed, Power.  Sorry, I forgot.

I thought humanity had moved on from these sorts of behaviors and that it had become common knowledge that anyone who did behave in this fashion was an enemy of humanity and needed to be put down.  It was sometime in the 90’s after I starting reading Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein that I came to understand that other more recent genocides had been committed.  The most shocking thing about these revelations was that they had been committed not by some country or group that my country viewed as hostile, but, in fact, by my own country and it’s allies for the purposes of laying the foundations for capitalism.

Ah isms.  They have so much to answer for.  So many different kinds of isms out there, all designed to put humans at odds with each other.  I’ve always looked at Isms as the playthings of the Plutocracy and Oligarchs.  Humans need something to keep them occupied, so those who have manipulated the population and the psychological landscape to make themselves stinking rich continuously put forward new and more complex Isms for humanity to play with.  It’s like a big board game with a stack of playing cards.

One stack of  cards, the political ideology set,  have words on them like Anarchism, Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, Fascism,  Environmentalism, Feminism, etcetera.  There is another stack of ism cards, the religious ideology set, that contains cards like Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Existentialism, Hedonism and Islam, which is an ism with a “la” thrown in the middle to try and throw you off and make it think it is something different, but it’s not.

I have always believed myself to be open minded, forward thinking and willing to consider the argument of any ism.  All too often I gleen the best part of any particular ism and integrate into my own belief system that I appropriately call “Ismism”.  This, in no uncertain terms, makes me an ‘Ismismist” and, as such,  I find myself with my feet firmly planted in what many would call the middle.

The middle is a great place because it is populated by the majority.  In my opinion the middle allows the majority to define the bounds of reason and reason dictates that we must all live in harmony with one another so that we can battle the obstacles put in play by nature and the rest of the universe.  It is an unfortunate truth that the middle must endure the extremists who continuously attack the middle in their desperate attempts to  maintain the archaic idea that humanity must be at eternal war with itself.

Extremists (read pessimists) please note:  We, the middle, have enough problems coping with climate change, meteors, disease, tsunamis and the like without having to endure you so, please, grow up an get with the program elsewise evolution will do what it does and make you extinct.

Consider as my final presentation on the matter, this, what I would call “The Yin and Yang of it All”.  If you take the symbol of the yin yang, duplicate it, then flip the duplicate over and place it on the original copy, remove all the colours and lines except for those lines that start and end at the very middle you end up with a figure eight.  Then  turn that figure eight on its side and you end up with a something very similar to the symbol for infinity.  At the place where the lines intersect, in the middle, is the center of all things, the perfect balance and THAT is where I want to live.  At the center of infinity.