Hitchin A Ride on the “Get Me Outta Here Express”

So here i am in Berlin!  Wow what a voyage.  Back in October I thought that I was going to be working in Canada on the Olympic Torch Relay until February when the games open in Vancouver.  When I discovered that I was going to be part of a commercial for a multinational beverage company (the name of which i am contractually obligated not to mention), i decided that it would be better if i went back to the land of the living.

In the olden days, us artists used to get paid big sums of money to endorse products, but it isn’t like that any more in the 21st century.  Nope.  Today it is not uncommon for artists to pay the advertiser for the privilege of being a walking billboard.  Things sure got twisted up in value land in 25 years, let me tell you.   I, for one, refuse to endorse anybodies products if , a) the business practices of the producing company are of a questionable nature and,  b) I am not being offered enough money to retire, buy a really big house and raise my kids.

I would like to say that my primary motivation for leaving was because the Olympic ideals of “A healthy body and a healthy mind lead to a healthy lifestyle” seemed to have no value or importance in the Olympic project for the “sponsor”.  Everything that they did contradicted and completed ignored those ideals.  As an athelete and healthy living fan, I found it completely unacceptable, and somewhat angering, to be involved with such a hypocritical undertaking.  Those people will do anything, even lie, just to make a buck.

At one point on the project we had a hard time finding a place to eat because the only food selection was from fast food franchises.  We were also not allowed to eat in establishments that didn’t exclusively sell our sponsors product.  It was all pretty lame and disappointing.

As it turns out, leaving Canada and the Olympic Torch Relay was the best decision that I ever made.   I ended up meeting the woman of my dreams and a short two months later we had set up our own home together and started planning for a wedding.

The trip from the Torch Relay in Canada to a loving woman in Berlin was full of suspense, inttrigue and adventure.  In my next post I’ll tell you more about what happened.